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In times when security has become one of the main concerns of the public, the experts of Richfield locksmith bring a top notch solution to your safety needs. Using the most advanced innovations, we guarantee a complete and proficient service, perfectly adapted to your budget. Thanks to our 24 hour availability, we can proudly invite you to let go of your worries and rest assured that we will respond your call immediately and act in a very short time. Being it replacing a simple lost key or a complete security system for your home, business or vehicle, we got you covered.


Why Choose Us?


In Locksmith Richfield we are obsessed with our service quality. Our locksmith training program is very intense and comprehensive; we continuously test our trainees, we don’t let them work until they reach the skill level that our clients deserve, and even our veteran locksmiths receive frequent training updates due to the emergence of new technologies and techniques.
Richfield Locksmith cares a lot about your budget. We have at our disposal the latest developments in all kind of devices designed to improve your safety, at the most competitive rates. This allows us to analyze your situation in detail to make sure we propose you the most economically accessible safety solution. Our commitment with our beautiful city and its people guides us, and the complete protection of their lives and properties is our top priority and the greatest of our values.
We cover the entire Richfield area and are available at any hour, day and night. Being that close, you can place your trust in Locksmith Richfield and its greatly skilled professionals; which in matter of minutes, will definitely provide an immediate answer to any concern, question or emergency you may encounter. Locked out from your house of car? No problem!

A Crime-Proof Vanguard Service

Making a New Key

We take very seriously the rise in criminal activities and its tendency of using advanced technology to commit robberies and damage property and persons. With the emergence of social networks, streaming sites and tutorials, almost any person can learn how to violate a household or vehicle lock, disable a security camera, or even hack simple security systems. This problem has become widespread particularly in the U.S., one of the countries with highest internet penetration.
In Richfield locksmith we are determined to win the battle against minor and organized crime and provide you with the best and most sophisticated locks, alarms and other security devices, following all legal regulations of the State of Minnesota. We strive to always be on the track of new advances in locksmith technology, namely security systems for business, home or vehicle; safe management and access control, among others, to ensure you will never suffer a violation of your property.
When you call Richfield Locksmith, you are already on your way to be completely safe. Be sure to include us when building a new home or commercial facility. Do not make the same mistake lots of people that do not take locksmiths into account for their construction projects make, by creating a safety breach from the start. Give your security the attention and importance it deserves and allow our expertise to make a difference.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Making a New Key


At Richfield locksmiths, we have a full time availability. We cover the complete Richfield area and even its immediate surroundings,
so in case of any emergency,
we can be there in the blink of an eye.
Do not let something like a lost or broken key prevent you from using your car and entering your home or business, just give us a call and lay back while we will send a team of professional locksmiths that will take care of everything really fast.
We offer the best post-robbery tracking and security services in order to restore the minimum safety standards in case of break-ins and other criminal violations of your security.
We support you in these unfortunate events and make sure you meet the insurance policies to ensure a full coverage.
In case of lock outs, emergency opening of safes, broken or lost keys,
damaged locks or simply a lock replacement, keeping our phone number in your wallet or stored on your phone ensures you will get the locksmith services you need in no time.

Residential Locksmith

Your residential locksmith needs are a main priority in our business. Our service checks periodically the locks of your home, to be sure of its correct placement, state and update. We strongly believe that your home is a sacred place, and must be the one where you feel the most secure. In this regard, you can count on us to offer a fast, efficient and considerate locksmithing home service, for the best interests of your loved ones.
Richfield locksmith offers a wide range of doors and locks for your home. We also consider your aesthetical preferences; and combining style and technology, we provide the best options to ensure your complete safety: high security locks, keyless locks, all kinds of handles and door knobs, security metal doors, among others, all of them in a great variety of materials, colors and finishes.

Locksmith in Richfield

Commercial Locksmith

In Richfield locksmith we want you to be successful, and to accomplish that, you will need the best safety services in the market. We are available day and night to completely satisfy your business security needs, from little business to the largest corporations. We consider a lot the corporative privacy issues, so we have a special team dedicated to provide advanced tools and devices to protect the precious information of your business.
One may think that commercial locks are the same used in homes. That’s very far from truth! In commerce and business, the locks, handles and security systems undergo heavy use, and because of that it is necessary to replace them with upgraded, sturdier versions. In Richfield locksmith we will assist you in making the decision of which system or device to adopt, performing a full evaluation of your infrastructure, traffic and specific location.

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